WiFi4EU, the free WiFi project in Europe

With the aim that European citizens can enjoy free WiFi connection in parks, squares, libraries and health centers, among other places, there is a project that is increasingly on everyone’s lips.

It is about WiFi4EU, and today Zyxel Networks tells us that they have partnered with Octopus WiFi and Boundless Digital to support this initiative.

We are talking about a project of the European Commission that gives money to municipalities so that they can give free WiFi coverage to citizens. In this case, Zyxel and its partners will already offer Internet in two Spanish municipalities, Quintanas de Gormaz and Mio de San Esteban, in Castilla y Len, but they are already working to expand it to another 17 Spanish and Central European cities, with the ambitious objective of reaching All Europe.

It is not just about putting routers, it is necessary to meet requirements regarding visual identity, use and quality of the network, as well as data processing, since the GDPR regulations must be met.

In order for a municipality to receive funding, it must first apply and then choose a suitable provider to complete the installation process. When it is approved, the financing will be received and the works to install the network will begin. The city council is not directly involved in funding, so the process is more straightforward.

With the money, you can buy all the equipment, including access points, cabling, and switches.

In the case of Zyxel, they use their WiFi 6 WAX510D and NWA110AX technology, and vendors will be able to access traffic and usage reports to assess the network load, something necessary to analyze the existence of possible bottlenecks (there is a monitoring system in real time in the WiFi4EU packet). They have a form for more information at

The WiFi4EU portal has more information about the WiFi4EU requirements, where we see how the package includes a controllerless authentication platform in SaaS mode. Thanks to this package, WiFi can be offered to citizens and protected from external threats and malicious content.

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