Wifislax 4.8 now available, the Linux distro to crack and improve our Wifi

Wifislax 4.8 now available, the Linux distro to crack and improve our Wifi

Wifislax is a Linux distribution that became famous for serving to crack or hack Wi-Fi networks, although in reality it goes beyond that. And is that Just because your tools can do that doesn’t mean it’s your primary utility; Wifislax is really one of the best systems at present to diagnose security problems in our networks, very useful for both system administrators and advanced users.

Cracking networks and looking for their security flaws

This new version 4.8 includes the main new feature that is now based on Slackware 14.1, one of the most popular versions of Linux among expert users; therefore, if you want to use Slackware and you don’t want to undergo its installation process, Wifislax can also help you, although it is not designed for that either.

For what it is designed it is to check the security of our systems and networks, and in that sense it is well equipped with all kinds of tools and utilities installed by default, which of course have been updated to the latest versions in Wifislax 4.8. Equally the Linux kernel, in its version 3.13, has been modified to avoid the bug channel -1 relative to wireless card drivers.

As for the desktop, Wifislax 4.8 has KDE 4.10.5 and xfce 4.10 so we can choose the one that best suits our needs. The stability of the system has been improved, so it is now feasible to use it as a daily operating system, although by default it comes in LiveCD format (to start the system from disk).

Download Wifislax 4.8 (torrent)

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