Wikileaks posts how the CIA hacks iPhone and MacBook

Wikileaks posts how the CIA hacks iPhone and MacBook

Wikileaks published the methods used by the INC to hack and spy on iPhone and MacBook laptops.

One of the news for March was the publication of Vault 7, one of the biggest Wikileaks leaks publishing the hacking tools that the CIA has used for years to spy on devices.

Among the revelations an open secret was discovered that the CIA has weapons to hack and spy on any system, including of course the mobile operating systems that we all carry in our pockets.

This is how MacBooks and iPhone were spied on


In the last few hours, Wikileaks has published a new set of documents on CIA espionage techniques and this time it has been dubbed Dark Matter.

The new documents expose the hacking techniques specific that the CIA applied to Apple products, specifically the methods to violate the security of the MacBook and the iPhone, thus being able to spy on their owners.

In the case of the MacBook, they called the technique Sonic Screwdriver. They used a modified USB or Thunderbolt adapter to infect the computer at the firmware level. This meant that even if the user did a complete wipe of all data, the CIA could still have access to data reports being submitted.

For his part in the iPhone the modifications were made before reaching the hands of the owner, on the road where they leave factories or warehouses. In the same way, they exploited the breaches of the system to have access to the information of the users from the first moment the terminals were turned on.

All the documents that Wikileaks has published are available here are several years old, so these espionage methods already will have been outdated and they will not be valid today.

A few weeks ago, both Google and Apple came out to clarify that the exploits and vulnerabilities discovered had already been fixed. Of course, that doesn’t mean that CIA methods have also adapted to the new times and current generations of devices.

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