Wikimedia to launch a payment service for businesses that use Wikipedia data

Wikimedia Foundation announced that it is developing a new service, Wikimedia Enterprise.

This service is paid and is intended for companies that use Wikipedia content. We tell you all the details.

Wikipedia premium for business

We’ve gotten used to Google highlighting and linking Wikipedia snippets to display in the main search results. And the same happens with other platforms that use the data provided by Wikipedia for free.

According to the plans they have shared through Wired, Wikimedia wants to offer a new solution to big technology companies like Google, Amazon, Apple and Facebook: Wikipedia Enterprise

Wikimedia Enterprise provides paid development tools and services that make it easy for businesses and organizations to consume and reuse Wikimedia data.

What will this premium Wikipedia bring to companies? They mention efficient delivery of Wikipedia content, both in the way the data is delivered and in the real-time updates of the versions, so that they can reuse it on their own platforms.

The Enterprise API service is a new method of delivering that content at a volume and speed specifically designed for the needs of major commercial organizations that are already using Wikimedia content commercially.

In other words, Wikimedia would take into account all the requirements that an organization or technology company has to handle large volumes of data for its commercial services, and facilitate the process. This would provide a series of advantages to the platforms, for example, for the user, they could offer fragments or articles in their most recent versions.

Of course, this includes all the advantages that being premium offers in a customer service, a group of experts at your disposal and the fulfillment of certain terms for the delivery of data. And to fulfill its package of characteristics, this new service will be hosted on Amazon Web Services and not on its own servers.

As mentioned, they will launch Wikipedia Enterprise at the end of 2021. At the moment, we can already see a form for interested companies to register for more information. And of course, this new initiative will not change the free service that Wikipedia offers to all users, including large technology companies.

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