Wildcard, surf the Internet displaying cards instead of web pages

Wildcard is a new application just arrived at the App Store that aims to change the way we browse and interact on the Internet.

This application, which, for the moment, is only available in the United States, is a kind of Internet browser that shows us the network in a quite different way than usual. As soon as you access Wildcard, the application shows a search engine in which the user is asked what they are looking for, in addition to showing the most popular searches at that time. Once the user has performed a search, the results offered by the app are displayed on different cards (as you can see in the image that illustrates this article), instead of showing a series of clickable links. Thanks to that, we can access the information quickly, being able to compare the same news on different cards without having to open a link in each tab, as we usually do. Wildcard is also quite useful when making online purchases, since allows you to view the product catalog of a website as cards once the specific company has added a line of code to its website. In this way, users of the app can make purchases in a simple way without having to leave the application, something that is interesting for both businesses and users.

The application, which as we have already mentioned, is only available in the United States, can be downloaded for free from the App Store.

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