Windows 10 may have functionality to allow work to continue on other devices

If you are users of Apple devices you will know that the operating systems of the apple company have offered for two years a feature called Handoff, whose objective is to facilitate that we can start working on a document, email or message on one device and continue on a different device automatically. Now, everything seems to indicate that Windows users could soon receive this useful feature.

At least, this is what we can deduce after a user shared a screenshot on Reddit in which we can see an option whose description implies that an upcoming update of Windows 10 would offer a function similar to Handoff.

As we can see in the image we are talking about, within the privacy settings we would have the possibility to activate or deactivate this option, thus allowing other devices to open applications on the current device via Bluetooth, which implies that It is a feature with which to facilitate work between devices. Still, everything seems to indicate that this new function would be more interesting than Handoff, since according to InfoWorld, instead of working only by Bluetooth it would also go via WiFi and web, so in theory the devices should not be in the same place.

Source: Engadget | Reddit.

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