Windows 10 will bring more options to customize its appearance and operation

The Microsoft team is preparing new settings in Windows 10 that will give more options to customize its dynamics and appearance.

At the moment, these novelties are in testing, but we can take a look at their most interesting features.

New options to customize Windows 10

One of the new features that is being tested has to do with Windows Spotlight. That Windows feature that takes pictures of the Bing home page to display on the lock screen. An interesting option if you want to discover new images on your computer without having to change them manually.

And in the future you will not only be able to implement it on the lock screen, but it will also work for the desktop wallpaper. The operation will be the same: a new image every day with the option of knowing more about the landscape or place of photography. Of course, it will also be optional.

There will also be some changes that will give more options to users who use touch screen, for example, the possibility to change the touch keyboard color, opacity level, and other details, taking into account different scenarios.

And on the other hand, a kind of guide will be added to help users find specific applications or programs according to their needs. Of course, these will be recommendations based on Microsoft resources and service, as mentioned in Windows Latest. Under the name Device usage there are categories such as creativity, family, games, entertainment, business and school work. If any of these categories are of interest to the user, they can mark it to receive Windows recommendations.

All these new features are about optional settings, so users can choose whether to use them or not. At the moment, they are part of the features that are being tested in the Windows Insider program, so we will have to wait for them to be implemented in a future update.

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