Windows 10 will have new options to improve privacy when using webcams

The next big update to Windows 10 could bring a series of settings focused on webcams and user privacy.

Although we still have to wait several months to see all the improvements that Windows 10 Sun Valley promises, a series of functions have already been leaked that promise to improve the dynamics of the operating system, both at the interface level and in its operation.

More options to configure webcams in Windows 10

And of course, several of the novelties will be focused on protecting the security and privacy of users. As mentioned in Windows Latest, one of the improvements related to this section has to do with a series of settings for the webcams associated with the Windows computer.

The new dynamic makes it easier to manage several external webcams configured in Windows 10, allowing us to choose the one we need to use at the moment. You will only need to go to the Devices section to see the entire list of webcams available to use on your computer.

Once we choose the webcam, we can access a series of additional settings that allow us to improve some aspects of the video. For example, enable HDR, adjust brightness, contrast, among other options. Of course, this may vary depending on the characteristics and configuration of each webcam.

And on the other hand, there are also options dedicated to webcam privacy. Windows 10 will show an alert on the taskbar when the webcam is activated by request of an application, and it will even show what app it is. In this way, the user can take quick measures to avoid accidentally accessing the webcam.

Video calls have become essential in this time, so any extra configuration that can keep the permissions and access of the webcam under control is appreciated. And of course, let it alert us if an application accidentally accesses our computer’s camera.

At the moment, all these functions are part of the features that are being tested for the big update that Windows 10 21H2 promises.

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