Windows 9 is coming this fall in a desktop-centric preview

Windows 9 will be presented on September 30, according to a new source

After Windows 8 and the constant release of updates that have been correcting and eliminating the parts most criticized by users, there is much expectation to see if Microsoft stumble twice on the same stone with Windows 9. It could be said that those of Redmond cannot afford a new blemish in their history, since the corrections are not enough to make moody users happy. In fact, many continue to complain about problems already solved with updates, a new sign that once on the Internet nobody wants to forget.

Aimed at Windows 7 users

Therefore, Windows 9 has to bet unequivocally for the users that it bothers in Windows 8, but More importantly, to those who did not make the jump from Windows 7. Microsoft has lost many sales for not knowing how to appeal to those who are happy with their desktop, and that’s why Windows 9, code-named Threshold, will take them into account.

Because Threshold supposes the abandonment of the philosophy of an interface for all, and It will have a different look and functionality depending on the device it is installed on. On PC, that means turning the start menu and the traditional desktop, with touch apps running as windows programs.

In hybrid tablet and laptop systems, we will have the classic desktop or the Metro-style touch interface depending on whether we have a keyboard connected or not. For his part, tablets and mobile phones with ARM and Intel Atom processors finally unite under the same system, in which we will not have the desktop available, but we can continue using apps in multitasking side by side.

Microsoft plans to release a pre-public version of Theshold for this fall., with a view to a probable final launch in early 2015.

Source | ZDNet

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