WiPass Home, a device to connect to WiFi just by bringing your mobile closer

Connecting to the WiFi network of a restaurant, or a friend’s house, usually includes capturing codes, typing characters on the mobile and investing time that we can be dedicating to something more pleasant.

From WiPass they know this, and with this in mind they have launched WiPass Home, a device that allows us to bring our Smartphone closer and connect our devices (Tablet, Laptop or Smartphone) to the Wi-Fi network wirelessly.

From the linked application we can even control the shared Wi-Fi network, which helps to have more control over who and when it connects.

With WiPass Home it is also possible to control the speed of the network by launching a speed test, eliminate users who have not been invited, establish connection times … all in a simple way, from the mobile.

The operation is simple, you just have to bring the mobile, computer or tablet to the WiPass device, and the WiFi will connect automatically.

It was born in Barcelona, ​​a different model to the one already presented months ago, since it is designed for the home: very easy to install, understand and operate.

They are also working on WiPass Business, a solution designed for the retail, hotel and restaurant sectors, so that the businesses of the future will facilitate access to the network and make their customers’ stay more pleasant and innovative.

You can find out the details at @wipass_official or at

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