With this application you will know when was the last time you did something

On more than one occasion we have gone through the feeling of not knowing when, exactly, was the last time that we carry out a specific action: last time to the movies, to the barber shop, to buy clothes … Well, so that this doesn’t happen again, Last Time has arrived, a free application that seeks to solve the problem thanks to its simple tools.

And this is something that happens to absolutely all of us, be it the place where you have an object, the last time you did paperwork or paperwork, the last time you went to a specific place, and many more things that you thought you couldn’t naturally remember. This is how this app works.

Among so many options there are to address the above, we came across Last Time, a free app developed by Coffeesoft that allows you to keep interactive and specific records of things or activities that you want to remember.

The sky is the limit, so here you can program schedules and widgets on the home screen with anything, being a kind of agenda that will have all the information that you have saved and that you need now. As for each record, specific descriptions may be placed on them, in addition to the specific date.

Actually the interface of the app turns out to be something quite simple, minimalist and goes straight to the point. Once the app is downloaded and entered, a short but well explained tutorial will appear and teach each of the functions found within. Then, when finally creating an activity, a large number of emojis will be in front of you so that you can choose one, this in order to relate the event to something specific that you remember.

Then it is about placing the title of the activity, time and emoji, something simple but direct that will undoubtedly help you remember those little things that always manage to escape from the mind, and the best of all is that it is free. An additional point is that you can put reminders that are periodic, in cases that are needed monthly or something like that. An interesting application that reaches the Play Store and that seeks to take over this market of reminders.

Next we leave you the link of the app so that you can download it on Google Play for free.

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