WordPress 5.7 arrived loaded with news to facilitate its administration

Each update of WordPress brings new features and security enhancements. Version 5.7 of this popular content manager was recently released.

Titled as Esperanza, this new release is loaded with changes focused on the creation of content and the granting of certain facilities on functions that were previously the exclusive domain of users with greater technical skills.

What’s New in the Block Editor

The possibility of create a block that covers the full height of the screen, previously it could only be achieved by directly manipulating the code or through third-party tools, such as Elementor. In this new version, now comes a function that allows it to be done natively to the WordPress editor.

List and code blocks now contain more convenient and convenient shortcuts for control font size used.

The reusable blocks are now more stable and easier to use. With the latest enhancements, they are automatically saved with the post when you click the Refresh button.

The button blocks and social icons now include more customization options, relative to their sizes and alignment. Also, in general, the experience of drag and drop items directly uploaded to a post.

Technical improvements in WordPress 5.7

A remarkable change and expected in this new version, which brings to the generality of users a function that automates a task that was previously the exclusive responsibility of knowledgeable people: the One-click transition from HTTP to HTTPS protocol. In this way, direct manipulation of the site’s database is avoided, reducing the dangers associated with a manipulation as delicate as this one.

The new robots API allows you to include filter directives in the robots meta tag, which are already configured beforehand. This means that if the website is public, search engines can show previews of larger images, thanks to the filter max-image-preview: large.

An interesting novelty, which helps to optimize the loading time of a site, is the default implementation of the attribute loading = lazy, to configure the iframe block lazy loading (lazy load).

This new version also integrates the latest jQuery update, version 3.5.1 and furthermore, were subtly fixed wp-admin panel colors, applying a new palette that fits the highest accessibility recommendations of the W3C.

All the news of WordPress 5.7 Esperanza, were commented in his official blog. This update is publicly available since March 9. To obtain it, one of the easiest ways is through the administration panel of your website. If you’re still running a previous version, you should see an invitation to upgrade.

Before installing a new version of WordPress on your site, it is always recommended to make a backup copy of your content and verify that all your plugins are compatible with this new version.

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