Xiaomi and its new pet shaver, this is the highlight of the gadget

Xioami never needs them new and innovative products and gadgets to present to the world community (initially in the Asian continent).

They mainly achieve this through Youpin, their own crowdfunding platform that allows showing new creations, such as the new one. multifunctional pet hair clipper, who comes under the Maother brand. This is the highlight of her.

This system of hair clippers promises to be one of the best options to correctly take care of the cut, coat, hairstyle and control the dirt on the legs of pets. In addition to this, we must add the fact that the same machine has a long suction nozzle, which allows to leave the place without any trace of hair, storing everything in the internal 1,000mL tank through the 300W suction system.

Regarding its measurements, weight and accessories, we mention that its size ranges from 290x132x210mm, which shows that it is a fairly compact product with reduced dimensions. In addition, its weight does not exceed 2 kg, thus achieving a perfect balance between both parties. Finally, and regarding the accessories section, we can see in the images the shaving machine itself, a bristle brush, a similar one, and the vacuum nozzle.

Overall it presents a well presented design, with a futuristic touch while maintaining minimalist ideals, which achieves a good visual harmony. Without a doubt, it is a product that every pet owner will love to keep the furry in the home with the best care.

According to what has been said on Youpin, this machine is only being sold on Youpin, although it is most likely that in the next few months we will see to the 399 yuan (about 51 euros) product on AliExpress, one of the best options to get merchandise from the Asian giant.

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