Xiaomi Mi Band 5, we tested the latest Xiaomi bracelet

We already have in our hands the new Xiaomi bracelet, the Mi Band 5, and in our new video, the first after passing 100,000 subscribers on YouTube, we explain how this marvel works that can be purchased for less than 40 euros.

Few new aesthetics if we compare it with the Band 4, but it has increased the screen and added 5 more sports. It also has better precision in the measurements of our pulse, which ends up making the bracelet more useful.

In any case, what has caught my attention the most is the measure of the PAI value, a value that shows our progress based on our physical characteristics, since running 1 km for a person accustomed to running can represent something very different than running the race. same distance for someone 30 years older and more sedentary.

Do not talk now about technical characteristics or how to access the different functionalities, since I will explain everything to you on video, but I do want to make a call to the rest of the manufacturers.

If Xiaomi manages to create something like that and sell it for less than 40 euros, it is because that is possible. If some other manufacturer wants to sell their bracelet for double the price, they will have to explain the reason: processor, shock absorbers, materials … whatever, but it is necessary to justify it, because Xiaomi has set the price-quality bar extremely high.

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