Xiaomi will also manufacture its own processors

The Chinese mobile device giant, Xiaomi, is going to follow the same path taken by manufacturers like Apple or Huawei and start manufacturing its own processor for mobile devices. Carry the brand name Rifle and make it known in an event that will take place in the month of May, although it is not known whether it will be in the same event that will take place in that month to present its next phablet, which will bear the name of Mi Max.

The announcement was made by a company official to the Korea Times publication on Monday. In this way, Xiaomi diversify its sources of income and gradually reduce its dependence on processors from other manufacturers, especially Qualcomm, which will be the big loser, especially in the Chinese market.It is the same line that continues also following Samsung, where although it still continues to use Qualcomm processors, little by little it has been reducing its dependence by having its own Exynos processor. Only Apple and Huawei currently use their own processors practically exclusively, with specific exceptions in the case of Huawei.

Xiaomi's new processor will make use of the standard ARM technology and will not only be available for its line of phones and tablets but also for its own line of televisions. In addition to Xiaomi, LG also has among its plans to manufacture its own processor at some point in the future.

The reason why these companies are betting on creating their own processors and reducing their dependence on Qualcomm is basically because it costs more to manufacture them than to pay the high fees they have to pay Qualcomm for the use of their processors. .

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