Xiaomi’s new electric vehicle is presented for 450 euros

Xiaomi already has a lot of experience in the mobility sector, and it always draws attention with its prices. Now he is showing it again with the launch of a scooter, a mix between scooter and scooter, approved as an electric bicycle, which they sell for 450 euros.

With the existence of skates, which takes it away from the concept of a scooter, and the possibility of using it when we run out of battery, it is the Xiaomi Ninebot C30.

If we compare it with the C40 we see that it is somewhat smaller. The idea is to become an ideal vehicle to move around the cities in a comfortable way, and for this they even have a model with a seat and a small luggage rack.

It has a front LED headlight, rear headlight, LED instrument panel with vehicle data … all in 55 kg.

Its 5.8 kg battery pushes the 400W motor to a top speed of 25km / h (the limit to be framed on an electric bike). Its autonomy is 35 kilometers, although we already know that it depends a lot on the use we give it (our weight, the inclinations on the road, etc.).

It uses NFC technology to unlock itself, although it is true that a padlock never hurts to avoid scares.

At the moment they only sell it in China, and it is expected that when it arrives in Europe the price will increase somewhat, so we will be attentive to its evolution to keep you informed.

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