Yahoo Answers will shut down permanently in May

Yahoo announced that Yahoo Answers will no longer be available from May.

Yes, the thousands of questions on Yahoo Answers will disappear, although users will be able to download their content.

Yahoo Answers will cease to exist next month

Recall that Yahoo Answers was released in 2005 and has survived the many ups and downs of Yahoo. And while no one may miss it anymore, the closure of this service can be a blow to nostalgic people who spent hours on one of the oldest question and answer platforms.

The closure of Yahoo Answers has a more than obvious reason, it has long since ceased to be relevant. And without counting all the controversies, bizarre questions and answers that have characterized the platform in recent years.

Although the final closure will be in May, Yahoo has created a schedule of how they will handle the platform and user content until that deadline is met. As mentioned in the Help Center, as of April 20 you will no longer be able to post or answer questions on Yahoo Answers. And May 4 will be the final closure. Anyone who tries to log in will be redirected to the Yahoo page.

If any user wishes to keep their content, they can request its download from this link, taking into account that there is time until June 30 to carry out this process. Once your data download is requested, Yahoo will notify you by email when your data is available.

This includes all the content that the user has created in Yahoo Answers, be it questions, answers, images, etc. One detail to keep in mind is that after June 30 it will no longer be possible to retrieve any of your own content.

It is not a requirement to download the content, so those who choose not to take any action will simply see that their content is removed when the service is closed. And of course, the closure of Yahoo Answers will not affect the rest of the Yahoo services, so users will not have to take any action.

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