YakYak, a free customizable Hangouts client for Windows, Mac and Linux

YakYak, a free customizable Hangouts client for Windows, Mac and Linux

YakYak It is a Hangouts desktop client for everyone who misses a bit more customization.

In the past, Google announced Google I / Odos new communication services / applications, Allo and Duo, the former as a twist on messaging apps powered by artificial intelligence, and the latter for video calls.

Movement is strange, but that doesn’t mean Hangouts is going to be abandoned. There are many of us who use Hangouts on a daily basisYakYak is a desktop client Read some more options.

YakYak is a more customizableHangouts

What is YakYak? Well basically it is a Hangouts client, that is, a program from which we can use normally Hangouts on our computer, without having to resort to the official application.

YakYak is actually pretty straightforward And if you are used to the Hangouts interface, the YakYak interface will also be familiar to you. It is a complete client, so we can send and receive messages, delete conversations, start new ones, add contacts, send photos, check history

The main difference is found in the customization, since YakYak has different color themes and we can use a dark night mode, as well as other combinations. It also does not depend on Chrome, how it happens with the extension of Hangouts.

You can download it free from here and is fully compatible with Mac OS X, Windows and Linux.

Want a all-in-one alternative? I can’t stop recommending Franz, We already discussed this program in detail here:

In a single free and desktop application we can collect all the messaging and communication applications you use. Note that it is compatible with all of these: Slack, HipChat, Facebook Messenger, Telegram, WhatsApp, WeChat, Google Hangouts, Skype, GroupMe, ChatWork, Gitter, Discord, Steam and Grape. Simply fantastic.

And you, do you use Hangouts?

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