Yamaha presents Civante, new electric bike with impressive performance

Yamaha Bicycles have just announced their latest pedal assist electric bike: the Civante.

With a speed of more than 50 km / h (it could not be considered an electric bicycle in Europe), Yamaha claims that it is one of the best handling electric bikes on the market, with a Class 3 designation (that is, a bicycle equipped with a motor that provides electrical assistance only while the rider is pedaling).

Civante gets its power from the PWSeries SE engine, located in the center of the bike (which features its triple sensor system). It uses frictionless sensors, so it offers a smoother and more natural power assist for cyclists.

The battery is a 500Wh lithium-ion battery, capable of being charged to 80% in just one hour. It is controlled by a multi-function LCD screen with Bluetooth application, where passengers can control assistance modes, as well as control speed, distance, battery capacity, stopwatch, diagnostics, odometer and more.

Civante also features a 10-speed high-speed transmission; double plate; Shimano STI shifters and hydraulic disc brakes; an aluminum frame and fork; and durable e-bike rated tires. It includes an LED headlight, but is also equipped with a pre-wiring for the Yamaha rear frame, which includes an integrated taillight.

The new Yamaha Civante will be available in dealerships this month with a price tag of $ 3,399 in the United States.

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