You can make a whole video automatically from a url

When we watch the news, the news of the day on TV, we realize the enormous summary they make of everything that happens daily on the mobile. There is no time to record a lot, and creating a video for a news story is something that takes time to make, and costs a lot of money.

What Baidu, the Chinese Google, wants is to reduce costs using Artificial Intelligence, being able to create news videos from a specific url.

They tell it on, where they talk about VidPress, a tool that has improved their process to create video faster and more effectively.

The system is able to access the url that we say and is able to obtain the main ideas, as well as to find other articles of the same news to have more data at hand. He then creates the audio from these ideas, artificially, and finally collects videos and images to illustrate the material.

So far they are only limiting themselves to short videos in sending, but they are capable of creating 1,000 videos per day, with just over two minutes for a 120-second 720p video. There is a demo at this link

It’s in its infancy, but they could create trending videos on social media, or make effective summaries to replace human TV presenters.

In fact, they recently presented a virtual presenter controlled by Artificial Intelligence, they published it in 2018 on YouTube:

As you can see, the first step is done, now you have to fight against Fake News, obtain permission from publishers and little else.

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