You can now do Alexa skills, without knowing programming, in Spain

We have already spoken on countless occasions about Alexa, Amazon’s virtual assistant, which is also the one with the largest market share at the moment, currently having an important community of developers that has allowed the creation of numerous skills (abilities ) that we can select and enable from the Alexa application to be able to enjoy greater benefits on our compatible smart device.

But in addition to the developers, Amazon also released the so-called blueprints, skills customizable by the users themselves without the need for technical knowledge or programming, based on the use of predefined templates organized into different categories.

In fact, it even offered a version of blueprints integrated into FreeTime so that little ones could create their own skills.

But initially, the skills created by the users themselves were accessible on Alexa devices configured in the English language of the United States, and made it possible that the skills could only be published in the Alexa Skills Store in the United States.

Fortunately, Amazon has been increasing the availability of skills blueprints in other languages. And if it recently reached French users, precisely at the end of last May, now it reaches Spanish users.

In this way, the portal for creating blueprints is now also in Spanish, offering a dozen exact templates organized under the categories of: Fun and Games, Home, Communities and Organizations, and Learning and Knowledge; being, yes, well below both in the number of customizable skills and in the number of categories available with respect to those available in its original portal in English, although it is possible that they will grow over time.

With the arrival of blueprints in Spain, Amazon also allows users to publish the skills they have created within the Alexa Skills Store in Spain., as noted on this support page.

Amazon points out that users can create as many skills as they want, without any limit, being able to leave the contents that come by default or change them for others. In this sense, they can create question and answer skills, skills with instructions or rules, among others.

For Amazon, users will need to spend just a few minutes to have their skills created, You can even share them by email or through social networks with your family and friends.

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