You can now explore Mars and the Moon with Google Maps

You can now explore Mars and the Moon with Google Maps

At the moment it is a long time before a human being steps on the lunar surface again, let alone the surface of Mars. Of course, plans are being made, but right now they are so long-term that it seems that we will have to settle for Destiny to make our mark in a certain way, but now we have another new way of discovering for ourselves the landscapes that those space stars hide . And yes, the answer is in Google Maps.

Beyond our planet

To do so, you just have to enter the cover of Google Maps, activate the satellite view, and get as far away from the blue planet as possible. If you notice, in the exploration tab the Moon and Mars will appear, and we will only have to click on them to take us and explore at will. No, at the moment there is no Street View, but it is a matter of time that the guys from Mountain View implement it.

And all this for the second anniversary of the date Curiosity first put its wheels on the Martian surface, a unique and great gift from Google that allows us to discover for ourselves the mysteries and landscapes that make up the surfaces of our satellite of one of the planets of the Solar System as if it were Earth.

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