You can now install Chrome extensions directly in Opera

Opera is testing a new version that simplifies the process for those who install Chrome extensions in the browser.

Having extensions from the Chrome Web Store in Opera is no problem, but the process is not as easy as it is, for example, with Microsoft Edge. The browser requests an additional step for this process to take place, but that dynamic will soon be in the past.

Chrome extensions in Opera in one click

Chrome extensions have long ceased to be an impediment to switching web browsers. Most popular web browsers allow you to install extensions from the Chrome Web Store with a single click.

Opera is also on that list, but an extra step was needed to make this process possible. The first time we went through the Google Store, a message appears encouraging us to install Install Chrome extensions. A previous and mandatory step if we want to download any extension from the Chrome Web Store.

But all that process will be history with the launch of Opera 74. At the moment, this version is still in test, but it is possible that it will launch in January as a stable version for all users. If you want to try this new dynamic, you only need to download the beta version and enable one of its experimental functions under the name of Native Chrome webstore extensions installation from opera: // flags.

Once you restart the web browser, you can take a look at the Chrome Web Store and install an extension. You will see that you no longer need any previous step. Although it seems like a small update, it is appreciated that Opera adds support to install Chrome extensions natively.

And of course, users can continue to count on the Opera store to download extensions, although the options are not as varied as in the Chrome store.

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