Your skull may replace passwords in the future

Your skull may replace passwords in the future

Although some alternatives already exist today, the most widespread form of identification in banks, restricted entry buildings, online accounts and all kinds of electronic devices is the alphanumeric password.

However, despite efforts to make them safe including a minimum of characters with letters, numbers, symbols and alternation of uppercase and lowercaseIt is still a method unsafe for how easy it is to lose it, forget it or have it stolen from us.

Therefore, little by little, other more secure identification methods are being created, such as the recognition of fingerprint. This is a great advantage; since, by always carrying it with us, it is impossible for us to lose or forget it and the method to steal it is quite complicated, in addition to gore. And precisely on this same line a new method is based that could soon replace all the previous ones, so unique, non-transferable and secure it turns out. This is the recognition of sound of our skull And although it may seem like something out of a science fiction movie, the first studies have yielded very good results.

What does identification through skull noise consist of?

As I was saying, this method comes from the need to search for secure and easily accessible identification modes for the user, without having to resort to easily forgettable passwords.

For this, techniques based on biometric security, which use unique characters from the user’s own body, such as identification of the iris or fingerprint. And if that’s for sure, imagine a imperceptible and unique vibration of each person that comes from inside the body.

This is the case of the vibration produced by our skull in response to a ultrasonic signal, since, although it may seem something common to everyone, the human head consists of a series of pieces such as the skull, cartilage, and other tissues and fluids whose composition and arrangement varies so much between people that the modification that will take place spread the vibration it is unique to each individual.

At least that’s what a group of german researchers, who have already tried their invention in 10 people with a 97% effective.

Will we be able to have SkullConduct soon?

To make possible the arrival on the market of this invention, which they have called SkullConduct, it is necessary to work more on it. To start, you need to find some kind of accessory to measure vibrations, so they are working on a device similar to that used in Gafas Google. Once this point is perfected, the tests will be able to be repeated with a greater number of participants and, if current success is maintained in the results, soon our mobile phones could be equipped with this device, which could identify us only by bringing it closer to the face to answer a call in the usual way, without having to put your finger a thousand times waiting for the recognition of our fingerprint or use our date of birth as a password for fear of forgetting a more elaborate one.

And it is that, as grandmothers often say, the only thing that absent-minded people do not miss out on is the head, basically because they carry it on their shoulders, so we will have to take advantage of that advantage.

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