YouTube allows you to check if a video infringes copyrights before publishing it

To keep content creators out of trouble when they post a video, YouTube is testing new copyright controls.

These controls will allow users to verify while uploading the video that they are not violating any laws related to copyright.

New copyright controls on YouTube

YouTube has a dynamic to control that the videos uploaded do not violate the copyrights. And depending on the degree of infringement and the number of faults for non-compliance, a series of sanctions applies. And no, deleting the video in question does not solve the problem.

So creators have to be very aware of the content they upload to YouTube to avoid going through these types of situations. However, it can happen that an oversight ends up in a copyright claim and involved in a process that damages our channel.

To avoid these situations, YouTube is testing controls that allow to verify this point before publishing the video, since it can be verified during the upload process, as can be seen in the image shared by Matt Navarra.

As the image shows, one of the steps in the upload process will be to verify if the video does not present any copyrighted or conflicting elements, giving the user the opportunity to correct it before its publication.

After the checkout process is finished, the user will be informed if a problem has been found. So it’s a kind of YouTube pre-moderation, without consequences, that will save you a lot of headaches. And on the other hand, it will allow you to anticipate any error in the YouTube system, since if you consider that your video does not infringe copyright, you will be able to complain without affecting the channel until the dispute is resolved. The most that can happen in that case is that you have to delay the publication of the video.

At the moment, this new option seems to be part of a test, so we will have to wait for it to be implemented to all users.

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