Youtube changes the rules to show advertising in videos with removed audio

If you play any YouTube channel, surely you have already found yourself on some occasion with the notice of the music that you have put in the video is protected by copyright, we have removed the audio and the ads in the video. This usually happens when a complaint is received from the owner of the rights of said music, although in some cases they are not right, and that is when the dispute begins.

If we believe we have the right to put certain content, we can defend ourselves, and that way, in case they agree with us, the audio will be enabled again in the future. The problem is that this process can take several weeks, and during that time our video does not show ads and, consequently, does not generate money.

Now on YouTube they announce changes in this regard: during the dispute process, ads will continue to be shown, but the money generated will be kept separate. Whoever wins the process will take the money, either the complainant or the user who uploaded the content. This step is important, since it is precisely the first days after the publication of a video when you make the most money with it.

The changes are explained in this article, where they show an image with the two new steps.

These changes will be made in the coming months, so for the moment, no alteration will be noticed.

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