Youtube features 6-second ads that can't be skipped

If you are used to waiting five seconds for a YouTube ad before clicking the skip button to skip it and watch the desired video, a new option now appears: six-second mini-ads that cannot be skipped.

The format, called Bumper Ads, allows the advertiser to deliver your message in only six seconds, but guarantees its complete delivery, since users will not be able to interrupt it. The objective is to take advantage of the fact that users are already used to waiting for a similar time, so it does not affect much the general operation of the platform.

Advertisers will be able to start uploading their six-second ads during this coming month of May, as indicated on the company's blog, and on YouTube they have already published a video showing an example of how such ads could be (in Brazil it has been coca queue who has released the format in this other video).

The format will be available in CPM mode for mobile devices, and tests have shown a significant increase in visibility. Let's hope now that advertisers know how to take advantage of that short space of time to attract attention properly, although with the wonders that we can see on Vine, it surely won't be much of a problem for those who already think and believe in this line.

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