YouTube is testing short TikTok-style videos

YouTube is testing a new experimental feature that stages a new kind of content on the platform.

In this new option, YouTube encourages creators to record videos of about 15 seconds from the mobile application. A simple way to encourage users to create spontaneous and short content, following the dynamics of TikTok.

The user will see a new option on YouTube that allows them to create this type of clip directly from the app, following the same steps as TikTok: hold down the record button to start the video and release it to stop the recording as many times as you want. complete the 15 seconds.

Although YouTube treats each interruption as mini clips, it will combine it into a single video when the user finishes recording, so it can be shared on the channel. This new content is not related to the Stories that have been part of the creators’ content for a long time, so the strategy that YouTube uses to incorporate them to the platform is a mystery.

On the other hand, if the user wants to share a video with a longer duration, they will have to upload them from the mobile gallery, but they will no longer be able to record them directly from the YouTube application. At the moment, this function does not include any additional elements such as filters, music or effects to use in these special videos. Still, creators can improvise TikTok-style choreographies by cutting scenes with camera tricks and editing.

This option is not available to all creators as it is only an experimental feature. So we will have to wait for some of those chosen to share one of these videos to see how they are integrated into YouTube.

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