YouTube launches a new format that makes it easier to create virtual reality videos

Interesting news announce on the YouTube blog, both for content creators and viewers who want to enjoy increasingly immersive experiences on the platform.

In collaboration with Google's Daydream VR division, they have worked on a new format, VR180, to facilitate the creation of content on YouTube.

This 180-degree format will have several advantages for creators, from ease of content creation, more resolution, sharper images, smaller files, among other details.

As the YouTube team mentions, the creators do not know how to take advantage of the potential of 360-degree videos, instead with this new format they will be able to demonstrate the quality of their content without worrying about the technical production required by the previous format.

This initiative is accompanied by a new line of cameras, from brands such as LG, Lenovo and Yi. The dynamics of these cameras will be very simple, and users can use it to create virtual reality videos with the same simplicity as traditional cameras.

And over time, this type of content can be edited with tools such as Adobe Premiere Pro. This does not mean that YouTube stops supporting 360 videos, but rather extends the possibility that everyone can create content in virtual reality according to the format they feel most comfortable with. comfortable.

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