YouTube Music adds a new function to discover new playlists

YouTube Music is adding a new option for the discovery of new songs and artists.

Although it already has recommendations functions, this new option combines the work of YouTube’s algorithm with the content of other users.

New options for discovering music on YouTube Music

YouTube Music already has several functions dedicated to music recommendations in different scenarios. For example, when you open the app you find labels to choose music to train, concentrate, travel, etc. Or you can search for music by moods and genres, or take a look at the playlists created in new releases.

And now Google is going for more with a new discovery function with playlist suggestions that might interest you based on a number of criteria. As mentioned in Android Central, these recommended playlists combine those generated by the YouTube algorithm with those created by other users and shared publicly. Of course, always taking into account your preferences.

These new recommendations are displayed at the bottom of the playlist. So when you finish playing all the songs on your playlist, you can choose to continue listening to similar music based on the recommendations.

It is a dynamic similar to what Spotify presents with Recommended Songs with suggestions based on the songs in the playlist that you have created in your library. But in the case of YouTube Music, it adds that social component of including content generated by other users.

Of course, all these recommendations will improve as you use the service more and make it clear what your preferences are in artists, genres and types of playlists. But it can also be a good start if you want to discover new artists within the type of music you like without having to go through the search engine.

This new recommendation system seems to be already being implemented in both the YouTube Music apps and the web version. .

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