YouTube Music works to launch its collaborative playlists

YouTube Music continues to take steps to publicly launch its new collaborative playlist feature. It is obvious that if Google wants to compete with rivals such as Spotify or Apple Music, it must boost its on-demand music service by offering similar features, where in fact, collaborative playlists are quite used by Spotify users, hence for Google to go ahead with this feature.

In addition, Google already offers collaborative playlists for YouTube’s main service, hence it was only a matter of time that YouTube Music also had a similar role to become a more social service. In fact, there was already evidence that Google was working on this function for months.

Now, some users are finding an option that invites collaboration when starting to edit any playlist, being right next to the privacy option.

At the moment, this option is not functional, throwing an error message that shows the message navigation not available. It is expected that this option may be available regardless of the privacy settings that are set for the list itself.

As soon as it becomes functional, the user who has added it to the list will appear in each added title. It seems that the appearance of this function, which is not visible to all users, is done at the server level, and that it is expected that, before reaching everyone, it is first available to a few users in its testing phase. .

With this upcoming release, Google is a little closer to catching up with powerful rivals in the music-on-demand segment. And the fact is that this sector is a sector in which there is a lot of competition, hence no one wants to give in so that others can offer the functions that users demand.

As we know, YouTube Music is the successor to Google Play Music, with which Google try to overshadow veterans like Spotify.

Image credit: 9to5Google

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