Youtube offers a new tool for artists in the world of music

Although on YouTube it is possible to find practically any type of content, artists have a special role.

Google says that, in fact, artists are one of the most active groups when it comes to publishing content, and for them they have developed a new analysis platform.

The new tool Analytics for artists helps you get more audience, reach, and performance information, all within YouTube Studio (on official artist channels).

Among the extra functions offered we will have:

– Full scope: to show how the music they have created reaches the public, both from their official channels and from the channels of fans and collaborators, since the music is not heard only from the official video. – Song Detail: for that it is possible to see all the videos created from a song of yours, or that contains most of it. The idea is to give visibility to the fans who have used their song and show the visualizations of each one (with their own lyrics, choreographies or versions). – Data: with information about the audience and about the performance, which will help to know how Our songs are distributed on YouTube and how people interact with it (as if it were google analytics) .– Real time: to have the data in real time also from YouTube Studio Mobile, with notifications and other information that can be obtained in concerts and tours.

They indicate that they have just started, so more functionality is expected in the near future.

You can get more information at

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