Youtube presents a new ad format for purchases

As the way people navigate changes, ads have to change too. YouTube lives off that, and must be constantly testing new options to be able to monetize the platform and distribute income among creators.

Now they have presented a new type of ad focused on online stores. In it we can put products so that users can navigate between them and send to the store directly.

Online stores are having a huge increase in visits this year due to the quarantine, and that makes many interested in formats of this type. If they manage to put a showcase on a YouTube video, they will get direct sales by saving user clicks.

To use the new affordable format, brands will first need to sync their Google Merchant Center feed with their video ads, then they can use the call-to-action button to include the best-selling products in the ad, thereby generating the desired traffic to the product page in question.

The Aerie brand has already tested it with its clothing sales, and according to comments it received a 25% higher return on advertising investment than the previous year, as can be read on the Google blog.

It is not the only announcement made, they have also introduced Video Action Campaigns, so that users can go directly to Google’s video partners and watch pages from a single campaign.

Interested brands can also use lead generation forms, so that at the same time they publish ads, they can expand the database of potential future customers.

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