YouTube presents the redesign of its web interface for computers

YouTube does not forget desktop users despite the fact that it is currently accessed mostly from mobile devices. In this sense, the platform has presented the redesign of its user interface for desktops, in which it has tried to combine simplicity by eliminating visual elements that can cause distractions, visual coherence with respect to all platforms Google, as well as elegance in order to offer an easy-to-use visual experience.

At the moment, the new desktop interface is available to a small group of users worldwide, since what is currently available is available in the preview phase, although those interested can access it through this link, having the possibility of returning to the traditional interface at any time, as has been the case up until now on other Google platforms that have had redesigns of their respective interfaces.From YouTube they hope to receive the feedback that allows them to carry out the necessary improvements before extending the redesign of the interface to other users. The platform also highlights Polymer, the new Google framework with which the new interface has been developed, pointing out that thanks to it it will allow a faster development of the functions from now on. That means that we will see news at shorter time intervals than we are used to now.

In addition, with the new interface also comes the new dark mode, which can activate all those users who want to see their favorite videos in a more comfortable way, without highlights or flashes, highlighting the videos as is.

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