YouTube TV now allows membership to be paused

Earlier this year, YouTube TV added new channels and markets as part of its expansion, and now it adds a bit of flexibility to its membership system.

As mentioned in AP, users will now have the ability to pause their membership. So, instead of canceling it if they do not want to have the service for months, they can choose this new option, which gives a margin of about 4 to 5 months.

When the date of the current subscription ends, the account will be paused, preventing the user from using the service, but keeping its settings, preferences and recordings. When the user decides to end the pause period, the billing process will start again, taking this new date as a reference.

An interesting option for those who want to disconnect for a few months from YouTube TV, without having to do it definitively, and without having to go through the tedious process of reopening the account. To carry out this process, and pause the membership, it is only necessary to go to Settings >> Membership >> Deactivate membership >> Pause membership.

It is simple, and can be configured in advance, as it will not be an immediate action because YouTube will always respect the end of the payment period.

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