YouTubers in English now dubbed into Spanish

There is no doubt that in the field of multimedia content, YouTube is the platform with the highest projection, which is why it is always innovating and offering its users new tools to improve their experience when watching their favorite content.

In this sense, YouTube recently unveiled the incorporation of a new functionality with which creators will be able to add additional audio tracks to their videos, so that they can offer their subscribers the opportunity to enjoy their content in various formats. Languages.

One of the YouTube content creators that integrated this new test tool in his last video was MrBeast, where the user could have the possibility of playing it with the audio in Spanish or being automatically adjusted in this language when it was detected as the main one. .

This is how those videos that have the multilanguage option activated will allow you to change the audio language through the configuration options that are displayed when you press the gear icon located in the lower right part of the video.

Here is an example:

It should be noted that these audio tracks will not be generated automatically as with the subtitles in many of the videos, nor will they be provided by YouTube to the creators. In the case of the MrBeast video, the dubbing was a work carried out by third parties as a way to demonstrate the effectiveness of the tool, which is why we will have to wait to see how it works on lower-budget channels.

According to statements offered by a YouTube spokesperson, the company is considering the possibility of implementing audio tracks in the videos based on the comments they receive.

Of course, this would represent a great benefit for creators in their mission to diversify the reach of their content, as well as for YouTube in competing with other platforms such as Netflix or Disney +.

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