Zeever – Creating a store on Facebook is now easier

With so much public available all day, social media has become a great medium for offer products and services in a direct and massive way, being something that more and more companies and individuals decide to take advantage of. In the case of Facebook, there are applications that allow us to create a store in which to offer our products, thus increasing the number of sales, which in turn cause our brand or product to become better known. Justly, Zeever is one of these applications, which in a simple way allows each of us to create our own store on Facebook, ensuring that everything will be free at least until the first sale is made, at which time an income will be registered. The creation of Facebook store with Zeever It is done quickly and very simply, taking just a few minutes and without the need for a special registration since it allows us to log in with our social network data. In addition, it also offers a statistics system that reflects customer data through graphical practices. Besides Zeever, there are other options for create stores on Facebook like Beetailer, QStoms, Carttini, VendingBox and infusedcommerce. Link: Zeever

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