Zizerones, a new reservation portal with routes and guided tours

We continue talking about the Lanzadera 2014 projects, those selected by the program to participate in a program that allows transforming ideas into projects.

We do it with Zizerones (, a reservation portal with routes and guided tours. The founder of Zizerones, Luis No, is a tourism guide and entrepreneur. He himself identified the need to create a portal that would concentrate the offer of guided routes that offer added value for both travelers and local people.

The operation of the project is very simple, just choose the city where you want to find your route, choose the proposal that interests you and make the reservation in two easy steps.

We spoke with those responsible for them to tell us more about the project:

What is Zizerones?

Zizerones is a reservation portal that brings together the best selection of routes and guided tours of each destination. Our goal is to create a brand around a product that until now has been little differentiated in the market and that generates confidence in travelers and local people when planning their trips or leisure plans with the guarantee that they will enjoy the best care and quality. That is why, all the routes and guided tours that are found in Zizerones have an added value, are original, stand out for the quality of their content and have been carefully designed to satisfy travelers, increasingly demanding and experts in tourism. .

Leisure, culture, nature and gastronomy are the categories that concentrate the personalized offer that Zizerones dedicates to travelers and local people. The Gourmet Tour, for example, one of the last routes created, is an authentic walk through the senses, a journey to discover the prominent names of Valencian gastronomy, trying a tapa with a drink in four of the most important restaurants in the city, one of them with a Michelin star.

Who are the Zizerones team?

The current team is made up of 5 people, Luis No, CEO, whose functions are to direct the project and establish agreements with key partners. Alberto Prez, CTO, has as functions the development of the web platform. Mónica Nicols, COO, is responsible for the operational management, customer service and administrative functions of the company. Elena Camps, Marketing Manager and Vicen Llet, designer and creative.

What are the objectives of this year and within Lanzadera?

We entered Lanzadera in June and our first objective will be to focus our strategy on the city of Valencia, shortly after expanding our reach to all of Spain and to the main international markets, the United Kingdom, Italy and France. We want to be the benchmark route and guided tour platform in the sector, to be on the minds of all travelers, so that they travel wherever they travel and have the possibility of booking a route with Zizerones.

It is not easy to compete in a category such as travel and tourism, although betting on alternative, original routes, different from that of the brochures, they can find their space in a short time.

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