Zoom brings improvements for annotations and more reaction emojis for meetings

Zoom, the platform specialized in video communications over the Internet for companies, although the pandemic has also made it known among private users, is bringing a new round of news.

Highlights include the arrival of the new Vanishing Pen tools for the desktop, and the Automatic Forms for mobile devices, both focused for use through the annotations function in Zoom Meet.

Improving the meeting experience

And on the other hand, meeting attendees now also have the possibility of choosing as reaction emojis from a wide range of possibilities, depending on account settings.

Vanishing Pen It is a tool that allows, as its name in English indicates, to make ephemeral annotations on the screen, that is, all those annotations and drawings that are made on the screen disappear after a few seconds.

We suppose that they serve to avoid the accumulation of permanent annotations that can make it difficult to follow up on what is being said in the meetings. Remember that this feature is focused on desktop computers.

For mobile devices comes the tool Automatic forms, which automatically converts hand strokes to lines, rectangles and circles, allowing you to provide more orderly annotations during the course of meetings.

Finally, as we say, users will have more choice options like reaction emojis, also including the different skin color variants of a series of emojis, expanding beyond the six default emojis that were had to date.

Of course, from Zoom they point out that for larger accounts, administrators and owners must enable the full set of emojis, since otherwise, they will only stay with the six standard emojis.

Zoom also recalls that they already have a presence on Facebook’s Portal TV devices, which connect to any television to hold videoconferences, and adds, as other new features, that in Zoom chats, account owners and administrators can already add employees as administrators. , reflecting on their own profiles, and that Zoom mobile phone customers can now enable the InformaCast feature to receive mass notifications to be alerted to any issues that may arise.

Without a doubt, it is interesting that they focus on these new possibilities once they have managed to solve the security and privacy problems that have received such bad press at the beginning of the pandemic.

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