Zoom prepares simultaneous translations for video conferences

Zoom was created in 2012, but this year has been when it has become known among many more people, multiplying its reach due to the quarantine in many countries of the world.

To talk about this situation and know the next steps, Eric Yuan, Zoom CEO, has been present at the new edition of Ita’s Vision of Leaders.

During the interview, he commented on the reasons why they have managed to be so present during these weeks, and how they have managed to scale the platform to avoid falls.

He also talked about how Zoom thought by talking to users on other platforms, writing down what everyone loved and what people wanted to avoid, to make something simple to use and powerful.

Regarding future plans, he commented that they are already thinking about simultaneous translation. The objective is that two people can understand each other by videoconference even if they speak different languages ​​and are in completely different places.

That feature is already offered by other products on the market, like Skype for example, so once again you will have a lot of competition in the market. The way to overcome that will be usability, as they always have.

Another curious thing they are thinking about is offering a service similar to face-to-face, such as being able to feel the aroma of a coffee during a zoom meeting, although that will not depend only on them and on the possible future technologies that will make that possible.

Now they are focused on growing in South America, where 80% of their income comes from. Then they will focus on Japan and Europe, always respecting the privacy and security laws of each region.

With our focus on education and telemedicine, we will continue to hear a lot about Zoom in the future, so we will keep an eye on its evolution.

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